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  1. Mary Wilson Gooze

    I am a swimmer and have recently been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Since this disease has no cure, I have decided to become proactive and campaign to bring awareness and funding by swimming across lakes in the United States (and Belize).

    Would your organization be interested in supporting me or helping me spread the word as I face the challenge of a terminal disease (which I hate) and swimming (which I love)? I have found, as I’m sure all swimmers are aware, that swimming is cathartic for the mind and physically helpful to the body and with that combination, I hope to reach as many people as possible about swimming with this disease.

    Please visit my webpage at http://www.onewomanmanylakes.net to learn more about how you can help. Unfortunately, 40,000 of us with metastatic breast cancer die each year so research is our only hope and you can help by spreading the word and checking out my Facebook page —One Woman Many Lakes —on my latest swims.

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